Lovecraft RPG: Expertise Avoids Screwing Up

Sometimes success is carried by knowing when you are wrong, and making it right. Even very knowledgeable people have bad ideas. A rule going into the skill system for Lovecraft RPG is the notion of Expertise. If you have a skill, you have it. If you don’t have a skill, you can try to solve a problem using related knowledge. But it takes real skill and practice at anything to know what the bad practices are. Continue reading Lovecraft RPG: Expertise Avoids Screwing Up

Lovecraft RPG: Basic & Advanced Rules

Some of my favorite games over the years have had a lot of crunch. Creating¬† Champions / Hero System characters, or even new characters for Pathfinder take a lot of time.¬† For the core system of Lovecraft RPG, there are going to be Basic and Advanced Rules, and the actual Lovecraft portion of the game – the meat of the game – will be separate. You can pick a character template that fits with the character types you find in Lovecraft’s works, make a few modifications to personalize the character, then be up and running and ready to go in 10 minutes or so.