Twin Peaks 2014: I’ll See You Again in 25 Years

The original Twin Peaks took place in 1989, meaning the ominous meeting of Laura Palmer and a much older Dale Cooper is about to take place. Even though its clear that David Lynch is going to do the forthcoming Blu Ray version of Twin Peaks some justice, it seems very unlikely we’ll actually get a 25 years later story.

This is what I would do to kick off a first episode of a new Twin Peaks show…

FBI Agent Donna Hayward visits the private room of Dale Cooper, and whispers in his ear: It’s happening again.

The body of a Native American girl is found near the bottom of the falls of the Great Northern Resort; her body is naked, and down river shreds of plastic are found. An autopsy reveals ritualistic and sadistic causes of death. More striking is that a small piece of paper with a letter on it is found jammed under a finger nail.

Bobby Briggs, president of the Great Northern is at a crossroads.  A nearby Indian casino wants to buy out the Great Northern and, through some manipulation of State politics, turn it into a casino resort. His son Kip is an air-force pilot, visiting his parents because of his mother’s terminal cancer. Uncle Johnny Horne lives in the hotel, but he’s got a secret.


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