Introducing The First Age Project

After reading some thoughtful posts over on The RPG Site about implied game settings, I have decided to try to develop a campaign setting based on the 1st Edition rules. This setting, which is called The First Age, will be based on core rules consisting of the 1st edition PHB, DMG and MM. Other books in that generation, DDG, FF and UA will be considered secondarily.

Role Playing Games Aren’t Storytelling

While there are story-like elements in role-playing games, these two things are just not the same. Jasyn Jones, aka Daddy WarPig makes a great argument how the two are different, specifically to define what makes story games different from role-playing games. His definition is great, but I’ll go so far as to say that story games are not storytelling either. Story games have storytelling-like elements, and so do role-playing games. But those storytelling-like elements are different. Continue reading Role Playing Games Aren’t Storytelling