Lulu POD: Zozer Game’s Orbital and Outpost Mars

I took advantage of the recent sale on Lulu for the print on demand versions of Zozer Game’s Orbital setting for Traveller, as well as the Outpost Mars book. The concept behind the Orbital campaign setting is that its a bit harder science and TL 8-9, meaning its a SOL solar system only setting, with a cold war taking place between the Earth Union and the Lunar Republic.Since its arrival, I have only taken a First Look. The Orbital book is well made, black & white interior with full color soft binding in a large 8.5 x 11 format. This makes it quite easy to read. I wish the Outpost Mars book used the same format; its a smaller B5 size, smaller print on a kind of off-white paper.

Outpost Mars appears to be its own campaign setting which may or may not need to be a part of the Orbital campaign setting. On first look, it appears to take place slightly earlier than the default campaign setting of Orbital.

So far, Ive only had a chance to read the historical background of Orbital. Its quite good. It totally avoids trans-human topics, and has a feel much like the movie Outland. Ill write more about this setting and how I might change it for a campaign I am considering.

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