The Legend of the Eight Samurai

Legend of the Eight SamuraiHow often do you get to play a Japanese themed RPG? A few games like Sengoku or the classic game Bushido focus more on history than on mythology. Quite a few samurai movies also provide inspiration. Ill touch on a few of these over the next few posts, starting with the 1983 Kinji Fukasaku directed Legend of the Eight Samurai.

Princess Shizu is on the run after her parents are slain by the devil worshiping beings vanquished by her ancestors.  She escapes, only to meet up with Shinbei, a young man just returned from war (though its unclear if he actually fought or just robbed the dead). Her fate appears to be intertwined with that of a dead princess who was tricked in to marrying a dog and whose spirit is split into eight crystals, as well as gathering of unlikely warriors who bear with them those same crystals. It is a complete quest story Рfull of over the top villains and a couple of magical beings that transform into monsters.

I strongly recommend you watch the Japanese subtitled version of this film instead of any dubbed version in the Sonny Chiba Collection version. This is probably the strongest movie in the set.

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